Why should I use ed2all.ca services?

ed2all.ca saves you the hassle of directly connecting with busy Canadian educational institutions. Sometimes International students find it difficult to get hold of someone to talk to at Canadian Colleges and Universities. To help you avoid the frustration we can with Canadian educational institutions that offer higher education on your behalf.

Ed2All provides education counselling services that go beyond the typical agent services. We guide our clients through sketching their education plan and we match them with the best fit education institution for them.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Agencies?
  • The credibility we have built with Canadian Higher Education Institutions.
  • Our dedication to spend time with our clients to assess their educational needs in order for us to assist them as they sketch their education plan.
  • We seek to create a perfect match between our clients and the Educational Institution.
  • We guide our clients through meeting the requirements for a study permit.

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What type of higher educational institutions does ed2all.ca represent?

ed2all.ca currently represents a number of credible government and private Canadian colleges, seeking opportunities to expand our services to represent more higher education institutions in the future.

What programs can I apply for?

We have created a list to help you choose the program you find yourself in.  And we also provide counselling to fit you in the right education program for you.

Contact info@ed2all.ca or WhatsApp us at +001.647.226.7313 for more information on how to access College programs

Why do I pay fees to ed2all.ca?

In order for us to provide you with easy admissions and registration services at one of our partner Canadian Educational Institutions, we spend time and we incur expenses that we have to recuperate.  The fees we apply to the variety of services we offer throughout the registration process is to help us maintain continuity and refine the services we provide our clients with.

For more information on ed2all service fees contact us at info@ed2all.ca or WhatsApp us at +001.647.226.7313

Do you help me find student accommodation in Canada?

Yes, we have partnered with an expert in student accommodations to help our students find residence even before they reach Canada.  This service will help our students save on Hotel fees as well as save them the hassle of searching for a place to live in when they arrive in Canada. 

This is an optional service offered to clients upon request.

Can someone pick me up from the airport and drive me to my place of residence?

Yes,  our accommodations partner offers the service to pickup students from the airport, orient them the their surroundings and drop them off at their residence.  This is an optional service, make sure to mention that you would like to get picked up at the airport as you coordinate your services with "WE HOST STUDENTS", our Accommodations Partner.

Do you help me get my Study Visa?

We are not authorized to help you, but we have partnered with a credible Regulated Immigration Consultant that can complete and submit your Study Permit file for you.  This is an optional service offered to clients upon request.

Is ed2all.ca hired by the College/University?

ed2all.ca is not employed by any College or University, but we are independent agents that represent a number of Colleges and International students agencies. Some educational institutions pay us commission fees while others choose to refrain from doing so.

Is it possible for a student’s spouse to work while they are accompanying their partners in Canada?

Spouses or common-law partners of International students are eligible to get an open work permit, that entitles them to work for the duration of their spouse’s study permit.

What is Graduation Work Permit Program?

Upon graduation, an International student may apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program; where the work permit gets issued for the length of the study program and up to a maximum of three years.

How do I start the registration process with ed2all?

Contact us directly via email at info@ed2all.ca or via WhatsApp messaging at +001.647.226.7313.  We apologize, but due to the heavy load of inquiries we DO NOT answer WhatsApp calls before we connect with the client via messaging or e-mail.

If you have a questions that you would like us to add to this Q & A page, kindly send it to info@ed2all.ca.